Attorney Profile

A lawyer's career can be summarized by one thought — an attorney's life is all about taking people's problems and fixing them. Whether those problems revolve around planning for the future through wills and trusts, purchasing and selling real estate, starting or running a business, or recovering monetary compensation following an accident, the Law Office of Troy M. Moore, PLLC, is here for you.

Attorney Troy M. Moore has provided thoughtful and strategic guidance to hundreds of clients, helping them to prepare for the future and establish funds to provide for themselves and their beneficiaries. A licensed life insurance and annuities provider, he helps clients set up the vehicles that best meet their needs and fit seamlessly into their existing planning measures.

He is prepared to provide representation to clients in a broad range of practice areas. In addition to estate planning and probate, he routinely delivers results in personal injury, business law and real estate, protecting the interests of clients.

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