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Troy M. Moore

Top rated Houston probate, estate planning & personal injury attorney.

We take some of life's most difficult problems and smooth the road ahead for you. We see the end-game for your probate, estate planning, and personal injury legal issues. Let us guide the way...

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Accomplished Trial Attorney

Mr. Moore is a highly skilled Texas Probate Attorney, with over two decades of proven experience. He earned his JD from South Texas College of Law in Houston in May, 2001. Mr. Moore is a proud Texas A&M Aggie and c/o '97.

Licensed as a lawyer by the State Bar of Texas since 2001, Mr. Moore has built a robust reputation in the area of estate planning, probate law, and personal injury. Troy possesses expertise in handling complex probate cases, including estate administration, guardianship, and trust disputes.

Known for his empathetic approach, he guides his clients through the intricacies of the legal system with compassion and understanding, transforming intricate legal jargon into layman's terms.

Adept in conflict resolution, he is recognized for his ability to deftly navigate high-stress situations, ensuring the best possible outcomes for his clients. Troy is a committed member of the Texas Bar Association and regularly participates in continuing legal education to remain updated with the evolving probate laws.

Troy Moore

Troy M. Moore

Attorney at Law

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We have been honored to represent thousands of clients just like you over many years in practice. Here's what our happy clients have to say about the Law Office of Troy M. Moore.

Oct 19, 2021
Keith P.
5 Stars
"We used Troy to complete our Will and Trusts and he and Tiffany made the process seamless and simple. Tiffany was quick with providing us with everything we needed to help prepare the documents and once we provided her what was needed, Troy met with us to review the documents and answer questions. I would recommend Troy and his team if you're in need of an attorney."


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What is considered to be a personal injury?

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In Texas, recoverable damages for someone injured by someone else include the following:

  • Medical bills from the past
  • Medical bills for the future
  • Physical impairment in the past
  • Physical impairment in the future
  • Disfigurement in the past
  • Disfigurement in the future
  • Mental Anguish from the past
  • Mental Anguish for the future
  • Lost wages from the past
  • Lost wages from the future
  • Loss of earning capacity in the past
  • Loss of earning capacity in the future
  • Punitive damages

All of the above should help you decide what questions to ask a personal injury lawyer in the Northwest Houston area.

How do I talk to a personal injury lawyer?

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First thing, EVERYTHING you talk to your personal injury lawyer about is privileged and confidential. And while you already know the questions to ask a personal injury lawyer, you should concentrate on giving your personal injury lawyer as much information as possible — even if it is bad for your case. Personal injury attorneys say, “It’s much easier to explode your own bombs” and the old saying is very true. Insurance companies will dictate it is time to contact a personal injury lawyer because the insurance companies will treat you like a criminal from the moment they get you on the phone. Your Texas personal injury lawyer nearby you is well versed in dealing with insurance companies.

What does a personal injury lawyer do?

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When to contact a personal injury lawyer is entirely up to you. Primarily, your Cypress, TX and Tomball, TX personal injury car accident lawyer will work with all effort to get your serious injuries, medical bills and medical treatment paid for by the other driver who caused the car wreck. Texas injury law is constantly changing and any top rated accident attorney keeps with the injury law changes. Your personal injury lawyer will file your case, work it up, and take the case to trial. While a lot of cases settle prior to the actual trial, more and more cases are going to trial nowadays because insurance companies are getting worse and worse with paying rightful claims.

What percentage does a personal injury lawyer take?

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There is NO FEE UNLESS WE WIN with Texas personal injury attorneys. This arrangement with a personal injury attorney on your injury claim is called a “contingent fee.” Contingent means your personal injury attorney charges you nothing on your injury claim unless money recovered — which can help to pay your medical bills from your medical treatment of the serious injuries caused by someone else’s negligence. You should find a top rated personal injury lawyer “near me” so that you can easily meet with your car wreck personal injury attorney without going to downtown Houston. The fee charged by a Cypress, TX and Tomball, TX personal injury attorney is the same for practically every accident attorney — the amount is 1/3rd of the gross recovery from someone else’s negligence if the case is settled prior to litigation — the amount is generally 40% of the gross recovery under the legal fee agreement once the personal injury claim has been filed at the Courthouse. What is important when selecting a “personal injury attorney near me,” you have to consider that the accident attorneys take the same percentage as any other accident attorneys under the legal fee agreement for your claim. The law firm you select to represent you needs to be a quality law firm, and with a personal injury attorney you feel comfortable with. Also, hire an attorney with a record of successful results.

What questions to ask a probate attorney?

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You should find out the following:

  • How long the attorney has been practicing probate law with a practice focus on probate?
  • Who gets what and in what percentages under the Will or heirship law after my loved one’s death?
  • Is the Will a valid Last Will & Testament under Texas law?
  • What if I do not get along with certain members of my family?
  • Who will be in charge of distributing the family member’s property?
  • How long will this process take?
  • When will I be able to transfer property and gain access to bank accounts?
  • All of the above are very relevant questions to ask a probate attorney.

What do I need to bring to a probate lawyer?

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You should bring your experienced probate attorney the following:

  • The Last Will & Testament (if there is one) & all Wills & Trusts of the deceased.
  • The Death Certificate (if you already have it — if not, that is fine to go without it).
  • Any available bank statements for any accounts that did not have joint account holders.
  • Any letters received from life insurance companies for life insurance policies that will pass through the probate estate for the family member.
  • A list of questions to ask a probate attorney.
  • Any business corporate books that spell out the agreement of the owners of any business owned wholly or in part by the deceased
  • Any Transfer on Death Deeds made prior to the deceased’s death.
  • Recent retirement account statements from all retirement accounts owned by the deceased (and make sure to not take action that triggers tax law).
  • Any Living Trust that the deceased is a beneficiary of (meaning a Living Trust that he/she did not create — as segregated from the above reference).

Is a lawyer needed for probate?

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If you ask yourself, “Do I need a probate lawyer?” then the short answer is — probate law regarding probate and estate administration does not require a probate attorney who is practicing law in the related practice of the probate process. However, just like with a broken leg, you are not required to see a doctor to set your broken bone — you are far better off hiring an attorney who has a practice focus of legal representation of individuals concerned with probate and estates.

How much does an attorney charge for probate?

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Legal representation by an attorney in connection with wills and trusts for probate is usually done by a flat fee, if possible. Probate lawyer fees vary widely depending on the probate attorney’s experience. Obviously, an experienced probate attorney with decades of experience will charge more in probate lawyer fees than a newly licensed lawyer. Tax law can come into play for the beneficiary or heir to a Will or other asset. When trying to determine for yourself the question, “how much does it cost to hire a probate attorney,” it is usually less than four thousand dollars.

What does a probate lawyer do?

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You might ask yourself, “What questions do I ask a probate attorney?” A probate lawyer is an attorney who is practicing law with a practice focus on probate and estate administration. Probate law deals with Wills and how they translate into probate and estates. The probate process is a related practice to Wills and Trusts. Probate law also applies to estates of dead people who have died without a Last Will & Testament. When you die without a Will, you are said to have died "Intestate."

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