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Amazon Truck Crash | Houston | 2 Fatalities

Amazon Truck Crash | Houston | 2 Fatalities


Troy Moore

April 16, 2020

August 25, 2023

Amazon Truck Crash | Houston | 2 Fatalities

Two Killed after Chain Reaction Collision

A man and a woman died after a multi-vehicle crash involving an Amazon driver delivery truck, as well as other drivers, on April 10th.  The accident happened at I-45 North and Rankin Road.  Four vehicles total made up the crash scene, with one of those being an Amazon delivery truck driver that collided with the other vehicles.  This Amazon truck accident was an avoidable tragedy.

The first couple had a trailer and had pulled over to the side of the freeway to fix a flat tire.  While pulled over, another driver collided with the rear of the trailer.  Subsequently, a Chevy truck happened upon the scene and managed to miss the wreck but spun out doing so.  Following that, an Amazon delivery truck came up the road and slammed in to every vehicle involved, while also hitting the man and woman who got out of their vehicles, killing them both.  Rain resulted in slick roads for the Amazon prime truck and other vehicles.

Due Care is Needed

The author has personally observed people driving in a more reckless, distracted state given all of the anxiety and stress of the COVID-19 outbreak.  This accident is a stark reminder that we all must be vigilant, and stay patient while out driving the roadways.  Paying attention while behind the wheels makes our community safer for everyone.  However, when wrecks like these do happen, you should consult with your local car accident lawyer before you have any discussion with an insurance company about your insurance claim.

Surely, all parties will at some point deal will deal with an insurance carrier as they investigate this claim.  Hopefully, the survivors of this accident have a medical full recovery.

Amazon Truck Crash | Houston | 2 Fatalities

April 16, 2020

August 25, 2023

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